The entire Wainman Hawaii crew wishes all the best at Easter time to all of You!
Let the good vibe and love be with you at all times, while never-ending passion for wind lets you sail through your life like a dream.
As a new season is blooming now in these beautiful spring days, it is a good moment to announce another great year for kitesurfing, beginning now. Whats more, this another great year, according to the ancient Chinese calendar, is already the year of the Rabbit!
So let the far east science be truth, and let`s make sure our kites are flying in skies all over the planet throughout the upcoming good times.
And just in case there isn’t enough wind where you are yet, we present some end of winter season shots. The crew on Maui took a short break from working on multiplying Bunnies for you, and  managed to catch a few waves!

Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters!!!