Wainman Hawaii is an international company made up of friends and professionals. Because of the importance kiteboarding has for You, our goal is to design and manufacture products that push the boundaries of what man and machine can produce. Because of the nature of how we work, sometimes we come up with some crazy things as well. But that is always done only with good intentions and for fun, as a smile is the healthiest thing in this world. We never intend to make anyone mad or upset, and if we have somehow done that in any way, we are really very sorry. We are here so you can relax, live your life, and when the time comes to ride, just get on the water and be 100% stoked with the gear that you chosen. This is what we aim for, and this is who we are. 

Lou Wainman - Cofounder and WH icon. The man whose passion and commitment in the past made kitboarding what it is now. With a mind full of unique ideas and crazy sense of humor, Lou never leaves us bored. He inspires and motivates. He is the man with one of the wildest and most passionate souls that can exist. The designer and kiteboarder.

Mike `Husky` Przeciechowski - Cofounder and general manager of WH.  Despite being one of the busiest people on the planet, he has a smile on his face at all times and loves what he does. Because of his deep sense of reality and unwavering commitment to WH, projects are initiated, and because of his imagination and passion things are created. The designer and kiteboarder.

Mark Tylicki - Cofounder and WH motor. Rumor has it that radioactive berries eaten as a child may be responsible for his boundless energy. Unstoppable as a force of nature, he even makes things happen in his sleep. He never forgets about his friends and the Good things in life and for that reason  things are good in our world. Global product distributor. The economist and kiteboarder.

Martin Joodaaa Kupczak - Regal art designer of WH. Man of the divine calmness and deepest imagination and creation because of whom the gear not only rides the best but also looks the best.  The artist and kiteboarder.

Tommy Lee - WH production director. Because of his great character and technical skills every factory that we manage does great job and manufactures the highest quality goods. Traveler and Kiteboarder.

Danny Chan - +RIP+ Master sailmaker and senior magician of our kite production process. Managing it from the gates of the factory  where each spool of new arrived fabric is being carefully checked, all the way through the different production lines, up until when each kite is being carefully checked  before it is packed for you. Because of how great man he is, all of our craftsmen are happy to work for us.

Franz Orly - The pioneer and icon of the sport and a great, always smiling, friend.  Board shaper, designer,  guitar player  and  kiteboarder.

Niccolo Porcella - Brother, hero and professional athlete.  Kiteboarder.

Bertrand Fleury - Great old friend from the old years with whom we gladly reunited recently. Peacefull character with real strenght of body and mind! Kiteboarder.

Shanti Berg - Regal video maker of WH. Friend to the world  and kiteboarder.

Peter Smykay - Regal webmaster of WH. The codemaster and super cool guy who loves sports.

Aaron Wainman - WH Big Brother who takes care of everybody in the WH family when things turn out different than planned. The oldest and most experienced one of us.  Helicopter pilot and kiteboarder.

Sharon Wainman - American market office manager.Our female diamond.

Drew Fargher - North American sales manager. Super energetic and open minded person who takes care of the WH shop network and runs customer care division for America. Honest dude, great friend and kiteboarder!


…and many more Great Guys and Girls who are here with us in order to make the goal come through with their every day hard work.