Poland, Chill out week in Hel

DAYS 44 - 52
After crazy summer trip along whole Europe that lasted almost 2 months Rabbit Gang finally needed some good rest. Huge loop of around 7 000 miles/11 000kms that we travelled in our Rabbit Mobiles around the Old Continent started in Poland and it ends here also. That`s where our campers have their homes, as our European Distribution Center is located here in Poland - the most central point of the Old Continent. But of course not only that is the ...

Pepelow - flat and shallow water paradise

DAY 42 & 43
On the next day we went again the SPO beach to check if there is any wind - we spent 2 hours playing football and decided to go further east  to our next stop and one of the most popular spots in mid coast of Germany - Pepelow. After driving in a pretty melow way, we arrived there in late afternoon. Carsten, a friend who ownes a kite shop and school right at the campsite booked us good spots for our RVs and showed us the way to the only ...

Rush to Germany

DAY 40 & 41
We left mid day Netherlands and headed to Germany, while Chris went back home. The driving was intersting as we speed like 130 km/h on the ultra smooth highway going with the wind downhill it seemed. Upon crossing the boarder the horizon went from seeing pretty tall fast moving windmill giant, generic genoratiors, to these super giant Ultra furutristic Mills that makes everybody in the car, just laugh like we just went into the future in our ...

Scheveningen & Hoek v Holland - no wind but still lot of fun

DAY 37 & 38
Scheveningen had no wind our whole stay, Scheveningen is hard to spell but fun to say. If you ask me how we got there I couldn't tell you the way... But luckily for us Chris Immers our energizer Netherlands representative lead the way. The dude tattooed his car the old fashion way and sewed Wainman Hawaii logo in the leather of his Mercedes - insane and definitely the best car we have seen during the whole 11.000 km drive through whole Europe. ...

Wijk aan Zee - wind is here

DAY 36
We woke up and gathered around the breakfast table for a huge breakfast and internet time. The place was immaculate when we arrived and due to the dirty dozen rabbits we pretty much messed it up but as always left the place how we found it.

Today Chris sister - Nanouk - and her two huge dogs (one looking exactly like a wolf) was our guide, as Chris had a friends bachelor party to attend. We headed to the spot Wijk aan Zee, another up-scale beach ...

Riverwood surf club

DAY 35
We headed to Knooke town early and arrived at Riverwood surf club a ritzy beach club here on the North sea. The parking was hard to find but we managed to pull a front row spot in just enough time to buy a 3.5 euro shot of espresso and gobble down a sandwich provided kindly by our hosts before the funny looking oversized helmet wearing police arrived on motor cycles to kick us out and find new parking spots. In the end we just parked the campers right ...

First full day in Belgium

DAY 34
We got to sleep in a bit this morning and after some nice slow breakfast and internet we headed to the kite spot nearby to set up a massive kite demo day.

Upon our arrival there were many local Rabbits already flying even though the wind was light and on-shore. We brought tons of gear down to the sandy beach and displayed everything for the people to try. Even though the wind was light the Big Mama and Boss were powering the riders with ease. ...

Road to Belgium - hurry up and wait

DAY 33
I woke up to the gang jumping in the RV and high tailing it out of the hotel parking lot, across the grass on to the highway. Chris was at the helm driving like Mario not so ready. Franz was half dead asleep at the RV stove making coffee and somehow pulled it off as we swerved and rushed to get ahead of the early morning traffic. We succeeded for sure and after a few hours enjoying the beautiful English country views, we arrived at the ferry for ...

Serious session(s) in Brighton

DAY 32
Today in the morning the Gang was woke up by Mike who was leaving the tour in order to go back to the Rabbit Head Quarters. After some friendly handshakes and same friendly gang-face-smacks the door was shut and a short nap followed as the upcoming day was planned to be long. Once we all woke up for good we headed towards the Lancing Beach in Brighton to check out the conditions as the forecast was predicting some good wind for today. Once we arrived ...

Road to Brighton - meeting kiteworlds

DAY 31
After 3 days in one place, which was quite unique not to drive everyday,  we have packed ourselves into the campers and headed towards Brighton, another famous resort in the South of England. The distance of 3 hours drive wasn't that far, especially that at half way we stopped to visit our shop in Bracklesham. There we met the local crew and our Rabbit friends already waiting for us. After some cool time with Bracklesham Board Riders with whom we ...

Easy Sunday

DAY 30
Today was the Lord's Day and we took it easy especially that Poole has many pubs and so the previous night adventures needed some solid r.e.m. sleep compensation.
As a tradition already, we ate breakfast in its last minute of serving which today luckily brought only smile to the waiters. Probably at this time they discovered we are not quite regular hotel guests with not quite regular automobiles.

To be proper on Sunday we wondered around ...

Deeper in Poole

DAY 29
Today was another morning of raiding for the last of the breakfast before they were closing the kitchen. In the meantime Franz gave couple of smiles to his new groupies who somehow owned his inflatable replica. Then we headed back to HYDR8 shop to meet our real local fans whom gathered around Justin's kite-center to spend some time with us and to chat about life. Around the noon we went with the group of those local charming Rabbits  to the beach ...

First day in England - Shops in Poole

DAY 28
As last night we arrived to our hotel quite late waking up wasn`t easy.  When we came out Phil Rawcliff - our great English agent - was already waiting for us in the lobby. We ate traditional here rich breakfast with lots of eggs and bacon and then aimed towards our first stop, the S2AS kite-shop. Before the Gang jumped into cars we gathered for a sec around the parking lot where everybody was quite surprised and impressed to receive from Phil, a ...

Leaving France

DAY 27
We woke up early in our rented eco lodges made completely  of the recycled plastic. They are apparently super energy efficient as they only have 2 power outlets in a 5 bed hut ;) Anyways we rush cleaned the place of our mess and headed quickly out of town with the goal  to catch the ferry to cross the English Channel by 6ish. As both campers raced at 130 km/h and about 80 to 90 in the city streets approaching the harbor, the Rabbit RV's ...

Official 2nd Rabbit Day Off

DAY 26
Today Rabbits enjoyed a real day off.

Imagine that!

Bordeaux - The capital of wine

DAY 25
Today we once again met with our French partners, super cool guys from SpinCo. Their whole team came here to meet us all the way from Montpellier. Herve, Pierre, Joseph and Indie brought fresh energy and woke us with their smiles. As it was a bit late already and a group of Lou's fans was already waiting at the nearby lake, we headed directly there. With the croissant in one hand and coffee in other we drove to the spot to find ourselves in the totally ...

Road to Bordoux - Bye bye Bert!

DAY 24
In the straight line the tour section between Valencia and Bordeux looks not too long, but in the reality it is not, as between Spain and France there are Pyrenees, beautiful but high and steep mountains. In order to cross them we had to go through Barcelona and Perpignon.

At the planned stop in McDonalds for lunch, Lou, Franz and Ben headed to nearby town of Carcassone to get Ben's replacement
passport and credit card that he misplaced the ...

Valencia - Niccolo - The EnterSpaining Octopus

DAY 23
Sunday morning we woke up quite early as it was way too hot to stay in the beds any longer.
There was absolutely no wind and so the plan was to go to the beach, spend some short time with our friends, say bye and hit the road.
On the spot, just like at the camping site the air wasn’t moving at all and so we went inside the airconditioned cafeteria to talk a bit about our new products with our Spanish partners. The conversation was very nice ...

Valencia - Rabbit Inflation Olympics

DAY 22
On Friday night we reached Valencia, actually Les Palmeres -  a small resort town next to the City of Valencia.
We spent a night in a lively camping site, which like many others here in Spain, is a popular vacation destination for whole Spanish families, including little babies and great grandparents. As we disturbed our neighbors a bit with our late arrival we had to be very nice to them in the morning, but as in Spain life definitely goes ...

Road to Valencia

DAY 21
That was a long night last night! Danny, our Tarifa rep and good old friend, drove us in his little prison car to a traditional Maroccan restaurant where we ate nice dinner. Danny is not the same person as Daniele, our dealer here, who is not the same guy as Danielle, our Portuguese friend who was our host in magic city of Faro. Anyways, after good little feast we headed to the sofas area and drunk a traditional Maroccish tea with sugar, or should we ...

Tarifa Continued...

DAY 20
(Viva España World Champions!)

This morning Franz and Rob took the smaller R.V. to the mechanic because the engine light has been on for a while. Rest of the Gang mostly slept in and those, who didn't visit this wind capital of south western Europe yet, walked around the new town a bit. At around noon the team gathered near the hotel and we all jumped in the Rabbit Mobiles and headed to the spot passing by on our way through our Dealership here ...

Getting to Tarifa

DAY 19
(Viva España World Champions!)

Realizing we are not really early birds we had arranged a wakeup with the reception desk for a 6am. Instead of a room phone call the method was bit comical: a huge guy as big as a gorilla pounded on the door until we answered it. Lou opened his door and the guy yelled, "You Awake !" He quickly said: "yes,yes we are awake", because he looked like he would have came in and body slammed first guy on his way in order ...

Faro continued...

DAY 18
We woke up just in time to catch the breakfast at Hotel Zodiaco. In the Portugese style things happen very fast and the kitchen was closing 5 minutes ago. Once we refilled our batteries a bit we quickly headed to the little dock to catch the boat. Once on the beautiful spot we setup the demo gear for the locals to try in perfect side offshore steady wind ideal for the 9 meter smokes. Riders did a photo session with Shaddix our still camera man and Ben ...


DAY 17
At daybreak before even a bird was chirping Mike awoke us like a Marine Drill Seargent on the first day of boot camp.

It was his official first day back in charge of the Tour and he was amped to get going as we had quit early the previous night.

Lou took over driving duty, however the windows upstairs in the "bedroom" that Bertrand and Niccolo were in, had a window that was left open so about half a mile down the road they were freezing ...

Praia Nova Vaga

DAY 16
The Rabbit Gang got up around 9 am after a great sleep and cleaned up both campers as Mark and Kamil packed their bags to catch a flight back to the EU HQ in Poland. Mike is now the main man leading the tour for Wainman as the guys huddled around to hear the new plan of action and sleeping arrangements for the camper vans. The changing of the guard took a few hours but eventually we left Guincho town with 2 new gangsters, Rob and Winky. Also Swiss ...


DAY 15
Wow ! it was a windy day for sure, we woke up in the pimp surf hostel about a mile from the beach and the gang had a simple breakfast and after a quick photo-shoot for the winner of the gang-space contest (check it out at http://www.wainmanhawaii.com/gangspace) we headed in a rush to Guincho spot to find some decent surf breaking and some strong strong ...

LOU'S BIRTHDAY - postponed by 1 day and celebrated in Guincho

DAY 14
Driving, Driving, Driving all night and day. Spain is beautiful, lots of ranchos and haciendas and country views.  Difficulty seeing at night, very strong winds, storms and rains made the whole trip even longer as our RV's very tired in those hard conditions, same as the whole crew.

Each of us took turns through the night driving and sleeping and filling up gas tanks until everybody was up and we headed to yet another rest-stop for ...

Cable session

DAY 13
We quickly woke up and headed to the local kite shop area in the Port of Leucate and had a small breakfast in the nearby café.

After witnessing old people trying to park their cars in tiny parking spots and a few accidents we headed to Calay the ocean spot close by only to find no wind in sight. Dave Britian our good friend and dedicated Rabbit rider in Leucate/La Franqui area, showed up to say hello and to give Lou a Revolution stunt kite as a ...

Gang Day Off

DAY 12
Finally some quality sleep at casa Franz Olry, as the Rabbit gang enjoyed a huge breakfast prepared by Madame Olry. We all hung out drinking coffee in Franz's shaping factory in the back of the property.

We took turns doing much needed laundry, and cleaning the campers from the tons of garbage and sand that had accumulated so far in our journey.
The camper water tanks topped off and a quick skateboard session on his road there then on the ...

The Gypsy Magician joins the Tour

DAY 11
The wind was blasting hard in the morning as the Rabbit Gang and friends awoke to people yelling, "Franz is here!" The magician had arrived finally after his long travels to join the Rabbit Gang Tour. We were all so happy to see him.

A few moments later our good friend Raphael Salles showed up poking his head in the window and with his classic laugh he gave us a warm welcome to the spot. It was great to see him as he is a very original ...

Finally some wind at Beauduc

DAY 10
Early in the morning we finally heard the sound we all missed the most the last couple of days. The sound of WIND outside our campers. We all had a quick bite to eat at a cafe in a little ghost town on the road to Beauduc. Later we had to hitch a ride on the Ferry boat. The funny thing is that the captain didn't want any money from us, but he really wanted a Wainman Hawaii t-shirt.  We gave it to him, and even the whole Gang signed it for him. ...

On the way to France

Today's schedule was to drive all the way to Beauduc in France with a short stop in Monaco for a wild photo session. As we drove and swapped driving duty with sleeping breaks. From time to time we would wake up and notice how beautiful the Italian South is with endless tunnels through mountains and lush green hillsides.

Once in Monaco we were amazed at the amount of Ferrari's & Lamborginis driving by. At one of many toll booths we counted 6 ...

Last moments in Italy - temporarily windless kiting heaven

Day 8
Vacation time and weekends are very special in Italy. Especially without wind, which we are already missing, the burning sun makes the days quite challenging. Often swims in the sea and cooling showers help to survive but still pretty much everybody is hiding in shade. Well you have to slow down to help your heart a bit. Evenings though, are the time when people wake up and gather to feast and later party, almost like in ancient Rome! Mornings after are ...

First day in Riccione - Jabulani tribute

After yesterday's "classy" party, in quite usual Rabbit Gang style we all woke up late and rush packed the campers to leave Sottomarina and head for Riccione. Just a quick stop by Pino's shop "Radical Spot" to leave an autographed Blunt board for his wall as a thank you gift for well organized event.

On the highway the campers were flying full speed with air conditioning blasting but about 2 hours into the trip the smaller RV's engine decided to ...

Rabbits chilling out in Sottomarina, Italy


As it often happens, the second day at Grada went pretty much the same as the first when it comes to the wind conditions. The plan was to head to Sottomarina to chill out, however Sergio and Luigi suggested we stay one more day in Garda until the afternoon to hopefully catch the Ora wind. Sure enough, the wind picked up and looked like it filled in the lake, and so we went out to give it a try. Out there it was really light, though honestly it seemed ...

Campione del Garda, Italy

After a great, but let's be honest - quite compressed in time big event in Austria, we left Podersdorf at 11pm but managed to drive only 2 hours... as everybody was falling asleep and we simply didn't have enough awake people to drive the Rabbit Mobiles. We stopped at the famous nature destroyer - BP gas station - and unfortunately that wasn't the best move, as at 7 am some family parked right next to our campers (despite 100 different spots and all ...

First stop - Neusidler Lake, Austria

After whole first night in the road, traveling through Poland and Czech Republic to our first official stop we are quite tired. The Podersdorf - little village at the big Neusidler Lake in Austria is just 50 km from big old city of Vienna and is a quite nice place with many interesting kiters making this spot like some ocean resort with apparently no ocean :) As we left many good memories here last year the fatigue doesn't matter, fully ...

Getting ready to the start

So it is happening again! All our team is gathering today in European headquarters in Warsaw. Almost everybody is arriving now: Niccolo straight from Sardinia, Lou from DR, Mike from Maui and Bertrand from France. Mark, TommyLee and Kamil are already here preparing campers and whole arsenal of gear for the tour. Quite big pile of smoking new gear. Franzi will join us in France as he is taking care of Cuban cartel case still for couple more days.
BenTi our royal videographer is here ...