Here it is, the Summer in the North again.
The sudden boom of kite life in Europe is
like an unbelievable kite fiesta that
requires the repeated descent of the Rabbit Gang.
More than anything else, for just a feel of being there,
we once again packed our bags and hit the road.

This year we want to bring all of you with us.
You should just jump in your car and
meet us or enter 4 new broadcasting chambers of www:
Instant Motion, Frozen Frames, Map Travel and Story Time.
All traveled, produced and lived by WH caravan riders.

As they say on the GangSpace:
"show The Gang what you got".
At each stop this year, there will be a real Jam Session.
This series of mellow and fun contests will be
run and judged by our team including
Lou himself, Niccolo and all others!
You will be able to ride, share your kite soul and
party at our remote kite club with the entire WH team.
No matter which other gang's kite or board you use,
show some style and make at least one good trick.
This will give you an opportunity to
win some serious gear, Brother or Sister.
And if you don't win we still love and respect you.

Do your best to plan your weekend somewhere
close to our route and for sure
we will have some good times together.
Test all the new boards that our entire
company was designing, constructing and producing.
We have been working for the last year around
the clock with the hope that YOU will like them too,
no matter what your style is.
The new boards are really smoking, so come demo them.
Of course together with the superb Rabbit Kites,
that won`t ever stop to rock...

...right on! See you soon!
Here on www or live.

Rabbit Gang Tour Final