"Wainman Hawaii Common Sense Warranty"

Most warranty cases in kitesurfing are tricky ones – most will agree with that fact.

But when you buy Wainman Hawaii gear you can be sure you will get what you deserve – the highest quality product covered with "Wainman Hawaii Common Sense Warranty".
What does this mean you ask – it means that we will treat each warranty case individually and won’t limit it to specific timeframe.
If you are using your gear only few times a year (although we wish you 345 days a year on water), or you bought it more than 6 months ago (standard warranty period is 6 months) and something goes wrong with your gear, once we inspect your equipment and discover that somebody in our factory had a bad day while manufacturing it :), we will repair or replace it.  
On the other hand, if you are an aspiring pro rider, ripping every other day and because of the regular use (just like tires get used on the race track) something breaks on your gear, we might say "sorry dude, time to buy a new one".

Being absolutely confident in the gear we make, we are sure that very FEW will need it to use our "Common Sense Warranty", but those FEW are really important to us and we will take care of each customer with a warranty case.

"Wainman Hawaii common Sense Warranty" works simply and efficiently, just like our gear:

  1. Once you become a proud owner of Wainman Hawaii gear, please register it within 14 days through our website (here) or by mailing the Registration Form to Wainman Hawaii Warranty Department.
    By registering your gear you are not only validating your warranty but also have a chance to get something special – every 50th person that registers their gear will receive a free collection of 5 original Wainman Hawaii T-shirts.
  2. If something happens to your gear and you think it applies for a warranty case, please get in touch with the dealer from whom you purchased it and make a claim (have your gear with you or at least pictures, proof of purchase).
    If for some reason you have difficulties in contacting your dealer, please contact Wainman Hawaii Warranty Department directly at info [at] wainmanhawaii [dot] com and we will take care of you directly.

It’s just that simple. So get on water and have as much fun as you can.

Please remember that while we cover our gear with the "Wainman Hawaii Common Sense Warranty" to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship, we would also expect that you play fair with us and don’t abuse our policy. We need to stay in business in order to keep bringing you the quality products that you expect from Wainman Hawaii.
Here are few examples of issues that we feel would NOT apply under "Wainman Hawaii Common Sense Warranty": losing your kite which results in it hitting a rock or any other object resulting in a tear, etc; getting washed in big waves which leads to canopy rips; leaving your kite inflated on the sun/heat which can cause leading edge explosion (if you take a break, we strongly suggest deflating the LE a bit and re-inflating again before new session); scratching your board on the reef or beach; home made repairs or "improvements"; using your kite for teaching, etc which can definitely leads to big zenith to water crashes.

Please also note that "Wainman Hawaii Common Sense Warranty" applies only to the original owner who purchased NEW gear through our dealers or us. And second hand purchases will not be covered.

We are pretty sure that after getting familiar with above information, you are pretty confident about our warranty policy but if you still have any questions please contact us at info [at] wainmanhawaii [dot] com.