20-26 July20-26 July



Rabbit Gang together with our great Italian distributors (FDM Gang - Sergio, Luigi and his "young gun" rider Gabrielle) spent the whole week cruising in Italy, visting dealers and kite spots.

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GERMANY (16-21 June)
  • Fehmarn (17th June)
  • Kiel (18th June)
  • Sylt - KPWT Event (19 - 21 June)
NETHERLANDS (22 - 26 June)
  • Workum (22nd June)
  • Zandvoort (23rd June)
  • Scheveningen (24 -26 June)
BELGIUM (27 - 28 June)
  • Duinbergen (27 - 28 June)
UNITED KINGDOM (29 June - 5 July)
  • London (29 June)
  • Conwy (30 June - 2 July)
  • Poole (3 - 5 July)
FRANCE West (6 - 9 July)
  • Saint Malo (6 - 7 July)
  • Bordeaux / Hourtin (8 - 9 July)
PORTUGAL (10 - 13 July)
  • Lisbona - Guincho (10 - 12 July)
  • Algarve - Faro (13 July)
SPAIN (14 - 15 July)
  • Tarifa (14 - 15 July)
FRANCE South-East (16 - 19 July)
  • Leucate (16 - 17 July)
  • Montpellier (18 - 19 July)
ITALY (20 - 26 July)
  • Rome (beach) (20 July)
  • Riccione (21 July)
  • Cervia (22 July)
  • Sottomarina (23 July)
  • Santacroce lake (24 July)
  • Como lake (25 July)
  • Garda lake (26 July)
AUSTRIA (27 - 30 July)
  • Mondsee (27 July)
  • Traunsee/Podersdorf (28 July)
  • Neusiedlersee (29 July)

The last stop - AUSTRIA

Who thought it’s over? No way!


Portugal VIDEO

A little bit of everything from Rabbit Gang in Guincho and Algarve.


6 stops in 1 week, ITALY

It's been 5 weeks now since we started the Tour, time flies when you're constantly doing something, so it feels like it's only been 2 weeks.


France VIDEO

Vive la France! Rabbit Gang visiting both the north and, after 2 weeks, south coast of La Republique.  See the relation from the country where not only wine and love, but also kitesurfing has its great culture. Welcommm!

Leucate & Beauduc, FRANCE

I have fun writing all these little news updates, but it' s not easy my friends. Why? Because too many things are happening.

Algarve & Guincho, PORTUGAL

The drive to Portugal was quite long, didn’t bother me though cause I slept most of the time.

Bordeux, FRANCE

We drove all night and arrived in Bordeaux to meet with JeanJean from “QUAI 34”.

Saint Malo, FRANCE

We left Mark in England (... he had enough of us :) ), but Lucas stepped in his place, so we are still a 5 member Rabbit Gang.


United Kingdom VIDEO

Rabbit Gang 4000 km ago visiting Her Majesty’s Lands and enjoying the royal days over there.


We were on the road again, heading for Poole this time, where we were to meet with S2AS. After 7 hours of non-stop driving, we finally arrived! :) And good news! At last we had wind! :)


After our sick adventures in London we drove to Wales and finally arrived to Conwy where we have our good friend Adam Jones! Super cool guy and owner Turbulence Surf Shop! Adam welcomed us as a little kings! We were stocked!

Ferry & London, UNITED KINGDOM

We left Belgium on the Sunday evening and went to Calais to take a ferry to Dover. After 1.30h we arrived to England! Our next stop was the capital city of England - London!


Conclusion, BELGIUM & NL

We left Netherlands on Saturday morning (well actually 1pm) and we headed to Belgium for the event organized in Duinbergen at Belgium’s Royal Sailing Yacht Club.


Believe me or not but all Rabbits believe that besides kitting there are many interesting things to do or at least try.

Scheveningen, NETHERLANDS

Great demo session at Scheveningen. We stayed at Scheveningen for 3 days, at Jord's place, close to the spot.


Rabbit Gang is back – we were a bit lost in some time dimension cause as you know we were in Holland, country famous of the best coffee :)



We are now really well settled up here in Germany. The camper with everything inside and the most important, the good crew.


2nd stop in Germany – KIEL, 18th June. The Ride begins.


Fehmarn, GERMANY

Good things have just begun - Rabbit Gang Tour report by Franz Olry and Niccolo Porcella.