Every time Niccolo rides strapless he puts on a clinic - you might say.  Yes, but this time he will actually share his skills and knowledge with others - not just leave them gawking on the beach!

All kidding aside, this is a great chance to hang with one of the best strapless riders in the world.  Niccolo is part of the "Surf/Strapless Clinic" at Coast.  This is part of the 2010 La Ventana Classic.  The event takes place from January 17 to 24th.  The clinics will be offered from 17-20th.

Head to the coast and experience a different part of Baja just two hours away from La Ventana. Get schooled and tips to help you in the surf and your strapless board skills, plus try out demo gear from Wainman Hawaii.  You won't regret it!