No matter where you the Gang what you got !
Show us your best moves and win big. When you upload your photos or movies to Gangspace, you can win cool stuff. Of course you need to be rocking Wainman Hawaii gear for it to make it up on the site. If you get big air on a Rabbit, shred on our surfboards, or spray the beachgoers on a Blunt – upload your session to Gangspace. If we think it’s sick enough, you will win our Gear ! The better the pictures, the badder the prize. Who knows, maybe someday you can hang with the Boss !

What is Gangspace?
Gangspace is a place designed with every Kiteboarder in mind, no matter if you’re big time pro or just a weekend beginner – this is where you get to show off your moves and the way you live the dream life. Everyone who visits the site gets to see it, and rate your movie/gallery (using our own scale system). Then the Wainman Hawaii crew (including Lou, Niccolo, Franz, Bertrand) will pick the best one of the "top rated" bunch and hook the winners up with prizes.

Check out last month's movies and pictures winners.

You're just a few steps from becoming famous...
and possibly winning gear !
  1. Go ride our gear in some beautiful places
  2. Capture it with pictures or film
  3. Upload your movie or gallery to Gangspace
  4. Get everyone you know to vote for your stuff !

It’s just that easy. Everyone is a winner, because even if you don’t win stuff, you still get to show off your mad skills to the rest of the Gang !

But go ride a Rabbit first…he’s waiting.